At The Manor Village, we go above and beyond to maintain a healthy environment. We’ve employed state-of-the-art systems for air quality, surface testing, and health screenings

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Air Filtration

PLASMA AIR Filtration

We care deeply about your health, even down to the air you breathe. At The Manor Village, we have installed a Plasma Air System to minimize dust and pollen and kill dangerous airborne bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. An ionization system helps to maintain optimal indoor air quality, thus reducing allergies and infection rates for residents and staff.

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Surface Testing


At The Manor Village, we’ve employed the services of Enviral Tech, an infection control company founded by scientists. They were the first company to offer environmental COVID surface testing as a tool for the early detection of viruses in senior living communities. Their timely system and rapid test turnaround help to prevent the spread of infections.


Daily Screening


A more thorough and comprehensive system than paper sign-in logs, Accushield is a computer kiosk that allows our front desk representatives to sign-in, record body temperatures, and provide CDC recommended screening questions for every staff member, visitor and third-party provider who enters the community.

Stay Connected


While being with those you love in person isn't always possible, lndependa™ makes it easy to stay connected right through your TV and experience the feeling of being together, even when you're apart. With no new technology to learn, you can easily switch between watching your favorite TV shows to engaging with loved ones anytime. Family members and friends of residents connect through a simple and secure app on their phones to our residents' TV.

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